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CEQMAS develops Quality Assurance Systems according to different standards such as :

  • ISO 9000 for the certification of Companies, Works or laboratories,
  • ISO 17025 for the accreditation of Laboratories.
Traceability is an important concept in Quality Assurance, according to which a measuring equipment should be tested against a standard of higher accuracy, such as the type of hierarchical relationship shown below:
  • National Standard, accurate to e. g. 0.002%,
  • Calibration Laboratory, acurate to e. g. 0.01 %,
  • Company "Master" Item, accurate to e. g. 0.05 %,
  • Company Production Equipment, accurate to e. g. 1 %,
  • Produced Product, accurate to e. g. 5 %.
Calibrations need thus to be performed on a planned, periodic and identified basis with special attention given to:
  • the specific standards used,
  • the applied methods,
  • the test conditions.

Traceability involves to demonstrate an unbroken chain of comparisons that ends at the agency responsible for maintaining and developing a country's measurement standards (now generically known as a National Metrology Institute).

CEQMAS may evaluate an existing System or perform preauditing or outsourced internal audit with specific priority given to Traceability.

European Regulations involving Traceability: EN, FR, NL