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CEQMAS provides consultancy to Companies aiming at certification.

Certification constitutes the recognition by a third organisation of the conformity of a product, a service, a person or a company to a standard.

The certifying organisation (Certification Body) can be accredited or not. Indeed by the accreditation, the State of  a country officially recognises the correct operation of an organisation (Certification Body in the present case). The accreditation is carried out by public organisations placed under the official Authorities of a given country. As for certification, accreditation  is carried out according to specific standards relating to the kind of activity performed by the Organisation to accredit or certify.

The ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 families are international references for either quality or environmental management requirements. They are therefore frequently referred to in Certification Process and are known as "generic management system standards".

However, specific standards or technical specifications are involved in Product Certification according to National orEuropean Schemes.